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Android Application Development

The dependency over mobile devices has increased considerably over the past 10 years. As professionals tend to work out innovative methods of mobile applications, mobiles users too expect to a greater level of applications. Laptops are slowly been replaced by mobile applications. Android is one among the latest and fast growing mobile inventions which helps the users in multiple ways. Android application development is tremendously improving through out the world. In India there are several programming courses offered to make the professionals expertise in the concerned field.

An Android application is a complete source that is worked out on a mobile platform. Android applications offered by Green Byte Web can be made with a multi-level operating system. It can be useful to store maximum data which can be in the form of contact, browsing, A best Android application depends on the implementation of suitable operating system. We provide Android applications which are perfect for smart phones, Blackberry, etc. All the applications are user friendly; hence, there is always a demand for new forms of mobile applications.

In the initial stages Android application development remained a supportive tool for Bluetooth function, Uploading videos in You Tube, and also to upload pictures in websites like Picasa. As there is always an innovative development brought out by Android application developers, there comes a new version of Android applications, like Android 1.1, 1.5., 1.6, etc. Since 2011 with the strategical analyzes, a new version called Android 3.0 gave way for an increased user interface equal to a personal computer. For example, optimized tablet support, 3D Desktop, video chat and Gtalk provision.

Android applications development India like us can serve with better experience.
Games are the prominent attraction among the Android applications. Notable Android game applications, which we provide are:

  • Angry birds
  • Mine craft
  • Whale trail
  • Word with friends, etc.

Now it is possible to upload a list of applications required for your convenience. Some of the top applications are:

  • Goolge + Social Network Applications
  • Path- Used to upload photos and share with your friends in Facebook
  • Linkedin- A business network which can be used to develop your work contacts
  • Whatsapp Messenger- An application that can be used to send instant text message instead of typing

Few entertainment related applications in Android are:

    • Adele- offers news, videos, program chart, etc
    • 7 Digital Music store
    • Tunein Radio Pro- a complete music application, etc

oftware development in India is growing tremendously. And Android Applications development India like our company offers incredible services with assistance of highly trained professionals.

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